DIY – Steps on Fixing Bumper Scratches

do it yourself Bumper ScratchesA well-maintained automobile, like those scratch free one, somehow reflects the car owner’s character. It implies that the owner is responsible enough to take good care of his assets including car. To men out there, remember, having a nice car is a plus point to get a woman’s attention. So it’s like you are hitting two birds at the same time here. Isn’t it wiser to spend your hard-earned money by dating a girl you like than use it as payment for car repairs.

One of the cases wherein cars look become an embarrassment to drive is when it got scratches. Take for example a bumper scratch. For car owners who know the in and out or automobile repair, this problem is pretty easy to solve especially if there is an eye for detail involve. Sending it to auto repair shop is not necessary then and can save you a lot of money, that is if a person has knowledge on how to fix a bumper scratch. The car owner’s time would only be the investment here. For further details read the essay below.

Determine the Color

First to take note on repairing a bumper scratch is the color, make sure it matches. To do this, you can review any of the following: car’s manual or from the dealer’s sales information which most of the time is kept for reference purposes. Once done identifying the color, the paint can be obtained from a local auto parts store or from the dealership themselves. Other supplies needed are clear coat, spray primer, sand paper and masking tape. If the scratches are too deep, then include a small can of auto body filler.

Repair Process – Cleaning and Repainting

Once done with all the materials needed, wash and clean the scratch area and let it dry. Then, sand its surface using very fine sandpaper and clean by washing it again. After it dried out, next thing to do is to put tapes around the affected area using newspapers or any thick papers applicable – this is to prevent the cause of over spraying. In the scratched area, spray the primer in many times with light coats. Next to priming is the application of the auto paint. A lot of time for drying is needed here so be patient. Lastly is the brushing of one or two clear coats. If you think it’s finally done, pull up the attached masking tape and papers and let it cure itself within one to two days before doing further repairs.

Final Touch

The finishing touch is the application of rubbing compound around the area that needs repair or those damaged area. After this process, you can then furbish the area where masking tape and papers are located. Clean it up again. Finally, wash and wax the area where you did all the procedures. Viola! You have fixed your own car.

Follow this do-it-yourself tips and it will be as if you have fixed your car’s bumper scratch without anyone’s knowledge that a repair procedure has been made.

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